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Paragliding : learn to fly Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
Sanjay Pendurkar from India:

I am Sanjay Pendurkar, Paragliding Instructor from India. I run a school called Indus Paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai (Bombay). I want to congratulate you guys on producing a wonderful learning package. I ordered your DVDs couple of months back and it has already beocme an important part of the teaching / learning process.

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Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
Ray S. from United Kingdom:

As a beginner, I have found this video to be a useful learning aid. I only wish I had bought it before I recently took a course of lessons as it would have helped me even more. I particularly like the 3D animations which help make some of the concepts explained very clear.

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Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
Geert K. from Germany:

I ordered the Groundhandling DVD a few days before christmas and it arrived just 4 days later. Thanks for this excellent delivery service! The videos on the DVD are of superb quality and are neatly organised in a beautifull DVD menu so you can easily access the various chapters. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of groundhandling which allows you to focus your attention on this before "flying" to the next topic. Be sure to watch each topic multiple times so you can discover the great tips that may not be obvious the first time you watch it ...


Review in the "Gleitschirm Magazin"

Sascha Burkhardt from the German magazin Gleitschirm ( ) reviews the german version of the ground handling DVD "Gleitschirmfliegen Aufziehtechniken" !

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Performance Flying
Dipankar R. from India:

This video is a visual treat. The photgraphy and slow motion shots were breathtaking. This is probably the most beautifully made paragliding instructional video ever. Also, Jocky has adapted the instructions according to modern gliders. This is a very useful DVD for beginners as well as advanced pilots. I am glad I have this in my collection. Thanks.

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Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
Petra H. from The Netherlands:

Thank you for the DVD. It's great and very usefull!
When the weather will be better I will go out to practice.

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Paragliding : learn to fly Paragliding : Ground Handling Techniques
Jose Carlos G. from Guatemala:

Its amazing, very creative and explainded very well about the paragliding, I enjoy every chapter, the animation in 3D, nice, nice well done, super nice work. please when have the another DVD. please let me know.

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Paragliding : learn to fly
Jorge A. from Portugal:

I enjoy the video. It´s well done, easy to understand. I advice it for those who are considering taking a paragliding course.



CrossCountry review :
Lisa Jönsson reviews a new training video for novice

The DVD was created by two recently qualified French Pilots, who like you couldn't find enough quality information for themselves. With a little background in the film industry they set about creating their own video, with superb results.

Learn to Fly is divided into six chapters: equipement, flying, launching, aerodynamics, meteorology and flying rules.
Each chapter is accompanied by high quality animation that explains the lessons in a detailed and easy to understand way. For me the animation really made the DVD.

There is also a bonus chapter with first hand information and interviews with the Ozone boys. Russell Ogden, test pilot for Ozone and double British paragliding champion, explains about their gliders, from idea to design, from factory to test flying.
He also explains how to go about choosing a paragliding school and a glider, and how important it is to go flying frequently. Russell also bravely tackles the subject of fear. It's good to hear that even top pilots run into it.
It's a detailed introduction video for you guys that have just learned how to fly. It's a complement to any training course, a DVD that all flying schools should show to every new pilot, and every new pilot will love.